Robert Hampton

This old page is no longer updated. It may contain out-of-date information.

Model Railway

My model railway project has been abandoned and was dismantled in 2014. These pages have been retained for reference only.

Having a “proper” model railway is something I've long dreamed of. When I was a child I went to every model rail exhibition I could get to and was always awestruck at the sheer amount of effort that the layout builders had put in to create layouts depicting everything from small country branch termini to busy city junction stations.

More than anything I wanted a model railway at home, but, except for a brief flirtation with a small circle of Hornby track on a baseboard a few years back, problems of space barred me from taking part in the hobby fully.

That's all changed now that we've moved to a house with a garage, which is ideal for conversion to a railway room. Construction has begun on what promises to be a fun long-term project. You can follow every stage of the building work on the layout pages, which will be updated regularly with progress reports.

Class 47 in Cotswold Rail livery at the head of a passenger train

I have already amassed a large collection of rolling stock. You can see a list of my rolling stock here. This section is gradually being updated with information and pictures.


(most recent first)

6th October 2007

Relocated model railway pages into the main trains section.

Added Class 08 and Class 142 to the fleet pages.

14th July 2006

At long last an update: added page 8 to the layout pages.

27th May 2006

Added page 7 of the construction diary, detailing some big changes to the track plan, to the layout pages.

15th May 2006

Added Mk1 coaches to the fleet section. Also updated Queen Elizabeth II page with a better picture.

14th May 2006

Added Class 37 to the fleet section.

11th May 2006

Added Class 73, Class 110, Class 155 and Container Wagons to the fleet section.

9th May 2006

Added High Speed Train and Serco Railtest Train to the fleet section.

Updated the Class 47 page with a picture of my newly-acquired loco in Res livery.

7th May 2006

The first train runs: phase 1 of construction is complete!

Added First Great Western Mk2s to the fleet section.

Updated the Class 47 page with a new picture.

Restyled the Layout index page.

3rd May 2006

Added page 4 and 5, showing tracklaying progress, to the layout section.

24th April 2006

Updated page 3 of the layout section, showing baseboards in place.

5th April 2006

Added a picture of the 2006 Hornby special edition wagon to the fleet section.

2nd April 2006

Added page 3 to the layout section, showing construction of the baseboard in progress. Track plan page updated with the latest (and hopefully final) plan.

30th March 2006

Construction is about to begin and the layout section has been updated with the latest plans and some pictures. Main index page revised.