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9th June 2010

Pride Comes Before the Falls
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Walks around Knoydart

Knoydart is an excellent place for walkers, hikers and Munro baggers to explore. Once the confines of Inverie are left behind, you are soon in wild country with the only signs of civilisation being a few dirt tracks used by the rangers, and the occasional deer control fence.

Deer Control Point

The Knoydart Foundation had helpfully supplied a leaflet showing some of the walks available from Inverie. The Folach Waterfalls, at a “moderate” seven and a half miles return, seemed like a decent way to spend an afternoon (i.e. the picture in the leaflet looked good) so Nuno and I set off, armed with sandwiches, water and sundry snacks.

For the first few miles we were on the dirt track, which reassured me. If we did get lost, all we had to do was follow the path back the way we came, and we’d be fine. I was able to relax and enjoy the scenery as we walked.

Mountains in Knoydart

Soon, though, the track came to an end and we were on rough terrain. Now, as we followed the course of the river, I was a bit less confident. It didn’t help that the ground was boggy in places and occasionally I sank up to my ankles.

It was worth the trip though, as we reached the Folach Waterfalls, the most impressive of which is the Eas a Chaorainn with a drop of about 20 feet.

Folach Waterfalls

We sat and munched on our KitKat Chunkies and sandwiches with the rushing water in the background. I couldn’t imagine how this could get any better. What joys would tomorrow bring?

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