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February 2004

3rd February 2004

Loser Streak
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Why, oh why, can’t he just go away?

7th February 2004

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
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Tony Blair might be getting a blog — or at least, he’s getting a spin doctor to write one for him.

9th February 2004

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icLiverpool reports:

…most of the region missed Iain Duncan Smith’s theatre debut – only 67 people paid the £12 ticket price to see him take to the stage of the Philharmonic Hall. They looked lost in the expanse of 1,500 seats.

For all I know, this may be average for a political speech-type thing. But it’s still a very funny image.

11th February 2004

Three people care about this
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Some ideas refuse to go away. They lodge themselves at the back of the brain and stubbornly refuse to move. They sit there, playing on your subconscious, like an itch you can’t quite reach, until eventually you have to reach up and scratch it ferociously, until you start bleeding, or something…

Anyway, I’m reviving Sun & Cloud. Not just yet, of course. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of our lives.

And this time, it may actually be funny.

14th February 2004

Bo RISC OS Selecta
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Long rambling description of various computer stuff follows:-

Last night I booted up my old Acorn RiscPC for the first time in nearly 9 months. Because our new house is smaller than our old one, there hasn’t been room for me to have both the RISC OS and Windows computers set up permanently, so I made a tough choice and consigned the Acorn machine to a cupboard in the shed (I’m pretty sure a damp shed is a bad place to store a computer, but never mind).

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16th February 2004

Something I just noticed
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A search for Miserable Failure on Google, which previously led to George W Bush’s bio on the White House web site, now returns a link to Michael Moore instead, with Howard Dean, Jimmy Carter and Hillary Clinton listed further down the results page. Interesting…

20th February 2004

Win a Sofa
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# Take a word

Change a letter

Do it again

And you’ve got a chain.

That’s how you play-ay-ay Chain Letters

Chain Letters #

Deep philosophical thought for the day: there aren’t enough game shows which explain the rules in their opening theme.

# Woah-oh-oh

Here’s Beadle! #

Ahem. I need to stay away from TV Ark. :-/

24th February 2004

No surprises here
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President Bush hates gay people. Vinnie Jones is an arsehole.

27th February 2004

The White Stuff
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I think I’ve worked out the exact time that childhood ends. It’s the moment where you wake up in the morning, look out of the window to see the land blanketed with snow, and DON’T get filled with wonder and excitement.

Although that does mean I’ve been an adult since I was 13 when I got sent home from school early due to said snow, then was locked out of my house because I’d forgotten my keys, and some (expletive deleted) thought it would be funny to dump a huge handful of snow down the back of my neck. Ho-hum.

Everyone watch Harry Hill’s TV Burp tonight at 11pm, ITV1. Because Harry Hill is funny and takes the piss out of Emmerdale, which is all you can ask for really.