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December 2004

1st December 2004

My Apathy is Palpable at this Point
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LIVERPOOL council leader Mike Storey has demanded a public apology from television presenter Anne Robinson after she made an anti-Liverpool jibe on her BBC2 game show The Weakest Link.

Why do we always have to do this? Can’t we, just once, let the lazy cheap shots go without feelng the need to rise to the bait?

Last night Liberal Democrat Cllr Storey accused Ms Robinson of “perpetuating a myth, a lie and a stereotype about Liverpool people which doesn’t bear any relation to the truth.”

Thank you, councillor. Why not ignore this and instead worry about something important, like the Boot Estate?

6th December 2004

A Very Quick Moussaka
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From the “football fans are sad bastards” department:-

A rail company says a number of Ipswich Town fans refused to board one of its trains because it bore the name of Norwich City director Delia Smith.

7th December 2004

The Rob We Know And Love
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I now own every episode of Third Rock from the Sun ever made.

It’s one of the low-priority ambitions, but still an achievement, I think.

10th December 2004

Kennedy Assassination
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Charles Kennedy is to star in EastEnders this Christmas when he takes part in a seasonal special.

Various people are up in arms about this, trotting out the usual line that these stunts mean Kennedy cannot be taken seriously as a party leader and potential prime minister.

These people have conveniently forgotten that Tony Blair did a voiceover for The Simpsons. In the middle of a war. When he should have been doing more important things.

13th December 2004

You’re Only as Old as You Feel
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I had a great experience on Sunday. I went into the off-licence to pick up some beer for dad. The person behind the counter said, “got any ID?” I feel quite pleased about that, given that from the age of about 14 onwards bus drivers would refuse to sell me a child ticket.

I’ve been feeling great about myself recently: I’ve lost over 15kg in weight during the course of this year! Isn’t that something worth celebrating?

14th December 2004

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A brand new children’s playground was torched by vandals the day after it opened.

Merseyside Police admit the Cockburn Street area has a problem with anti-social behaviour.

Having mercifully escaped from that area 15 months ago, I can confirm that “problem” is putting it mildly.

19th December 2004

Scrooge McDuck
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The bosses at my office are making us work until 5pm on CHRISTMAS EVE!!!


I could compare them to a bunch of nasty heartless weasels, but that would be unfair… to the WEASELS! (ho ho, the old switcheroo!)

Market Research
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Just a quick question to all of you: Christmas is coming up and you may well still be searching for the ideal gift for a friend or loved one. Perfume is an ideal gift for that special someone and the shelves are crowded with a bewildering number of different brands.

But answer me this: would you buy a scent named Cumming the Fragrance?

22nd December 2004

Adventures in Public Transport, part XVI
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The next station is Liverpool Central. Change here for Wirral Line services. This train will call all stations to Hunts Cross.

Liverpool — the capital of culture.

…announced in the least enthusiastic voice possible by a Merseyrail guard.

24th December 2004

Oh damn, guess what I forgot
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I’m interrupting my Christmas break to tell you that I’m taking a Christmas break. Normal (if that’s the right word) service will resume shortly.

In the meantime, there are some interesting links in the link log (over to the right a bit if you’re on the main page, otherwise use the separate link log page).

Happy Christmas!

26th December 2004

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Awful. Not much else that can be said, really.

27th December 2004

U Turn
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From the Liverpool Echo today (not available online):-

Southport MP John Pugh has urged the government to consider forcing rail operators to install seat belts in train carriages.

I know enough about trains to know that this will be impractical and expensive and will contribute nothing to safety while driving costs up even further.

I’ve praised this guy (he used to teach Religious Studies at my old school, don’tcha know) a couple of times in the past. Needless to say that praise is rescinded now that he’s revealed his true colours: just another self-important, career-minded, pleb-pleasing, LibDem bandwagon-jumper.

28th December 2004

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Finally got round to installing Firefox today.

I love it! I’ve been using Mozilla for nearly a year now, but Firefox seems to be much faster and better than anything I’ve used before. And if you’re still suffering from using insecure, spyware-vulnerable, PNG-badly-displaying Internet Explorer, I urge you to upgrade now! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

29th December 2004

Fingers Crossed
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I’ve upgraded the blog software to Movable Type 3.14. Hopefully I’ve managed to do this without breaking too much.

In the real world, we’ve entered that odd period between Christmas and New Year where the country still seems to be recovering from a collective hangover: trains run Saturday timetables, many businesses are shut. It’s playing havoc with my internal clock — I keep thinking it’s Saturday.

UPDATE: Damn. My old version of MT-Blacklist (which kills comment spam) isn’t compatible with MT3, and the new version can’t be installed as it requires perl modules which aren’t installed on this server. I’ve been forced to set the comments to moderated to prevent a deluge of spam. This means there will be a delay in any comments appearing. Sorry about this; I’m trying to figure out a better way to solve this problem.

31st December 2004

Ooh, hasn’t the year flown?
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As I write this there’s just 4 hours and 40 minutes of 2004 left to go.

I feel strangely optimistic about the year that lies ahead. Not for the world at large, obviously: that will most likely continue to go to hell on a hand grenade. However, on a personal level I’m happier and more self-assured about life than I have been since, well… ever, really.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re up to, have a safe and happy new year celebration. I’ll see you in 2005. :-)