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May 2005

2nd May 2005

Bollocks to this…
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I'm off to the Liverpool Model Railway Exhibition. Hot 1:76 scale action ahoy!

4th May 2005

May The Least Worst Man Win
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I voted by post last week, for the Garston Liberal Democrat candidate Paula Keaveney — who, thankfully, has not been involved in any pig sex scandal that would require me to rescind my vote.

I know people are desparate to hear my opinion before rushing out to the polls, so please vote for the LibDems tomorrow (in Southport, where John Pugh has been saying silly things about trains, you may have to hold your nose while doing so). They're the only party anybody can still trust.

6th May 2005

Election Etc
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I don't know why they say politics is boring — Last night was great. As the first few results came in, showing that some really safe Labour safe seats were showing a big swing to the Liberal Democrats, I could tell we were in for an interesting night.

Boris Johnson turned up and started mumbling at Jeremy Paxman for a few minutes, entertaining Ian Hislop who was sitting next to him.

There was some sort of “Election Party” happening elsewhere in television centre. Lots of people were milling around, but the only person we saw was Jon Culshaw, doing that same dodgy impression of George W Bush that he always does.
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9th May 2005

Freedom of Speech 2, Religious Extremists 0
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Ofcom have followed the lead of the BBC's board of governors and announced that Jerry Springer: the Opera did not contravene broadcasting regulations. The Ofcom bulletin is now online.

So, hurray and all that. But I'll say it again: when's the DVD out?

11th May 2005

Oh that’s nice
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Someone at CNBC has decided to run Late Night with Conan O'Brien every night, instead of just at weekends.

Robert commands you to watch it. Weeknights at 10.45pm, Sky channel 510.

15th May 2005

Hey Man U, Man U Americano
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I have to love Manchester United fans.

Having spent £1000 on a season ticket, £50 on a replica strip and £250 on a Sky Sports subscription, they have, in the last week, finally cottoned on that the shareholders of their beloved football club are actually more interested in money than the game itself.

Here Comes the Sun
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Ohh, careless me has gone and got a sunburnt neck.

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow…

17th May 2005

This is the News
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According to BBC News: ‘Respect’ key to Blair third term.

I had no idea Tony Blair was taking George Galloway so seriously.

19th May 2005

There's a lot of it about
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Actually the BBC strike should be good fun, especially if BECTU achieve their aim of “making screens go blank.” Jeremy Paxman has already said he won’t cross picket lines to do Monday's edition of Newsnight, and I can't wait to see what an apologetic BBC2 will offer up in it's place.

Anyway, prepare yourself for next week's fun & games by reading up on TV Cream's great round-up of broadcasting strikes, including the 1979 ITV strike which took the entire network off the air for three months.

21st May 2005

In Penny Lane there is a model shop selling Turbostars
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Allerton Road is a great place to spend an hour or so, for a couple of reasons. Firstly it has the best shop ever, no arguments. It also retains an old-fashioned “high street” atmosphere, the sort that supposedly disappeared from Britain in the 1950s.

There are a few chain stores there: Woolworths, WHSmith and Boots. The latter's sign is old and faded, almost as if head office has forgotten that this shop is still open. But most of the shops are independent retailers; there’s a traditional butcher's shop, Wise Travel Agents with a gloriously dated logo in an 80s font.

And it's great, very pleasant and civilised. Even the tracksuit-wearing scallies seemed classier than the average breed.
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22nd May 2005

You’re a Vision
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Moldova was robbed!

23rd May 2005

BBC strike
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Radio Merseyside's breakfast show this morning consisted of two of the station's managers reading bits out of newspapers and cueing up news reports on the 25th anniversary of the 150th anniversary of the Rainhill Trials. Which interested me, being a train buff, but celebrating an anniversary of an anniversary was just… odd.

Meanwhile, a very uncomfortable looking newsreader who I'd never seen or heard before was reading the news on BBC One Breakfast, which consisted of little more than bog-standard pre-recorded news reports.
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24th May 2005

“Another stupid ape,” says the Doctor
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The funniest story you'll read for a long time, and yet another reason why Star Wars fans should be prevented from leaving their bedrooms:-

Two Star Wars fans are in a critical condition in hospital after apparently trying to make light sabres by filling fluorescent light tubes with petrol.

A man, aged 20, and a girl of 17 are believed to have been filming a mock duel when they poured fuel into two glass tubes and lit it.

I'm just trying to think what the Doctor Who equivalent would be. Sink plunger accident from Dalek impersonation contest? Fingers trapped in door of home-made TARDIS?

…Nah, Who fans are too smart for this sort of thing!

26th May 2005

Burns, Gordon Burns, Disco Inferno
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I had to feel sorry for the North West Tonight team tonight. There's a major celebration in town and you want to capture it. You hire a helicopter and station outside broadcast units at every possible location. You've got an extended news bulletin and BBC News 24 are going to take your regional news programme and broadcast it nationwide.

And then Stuart Flinders's microphone fails as he opens the programme. Then the parade starts nearly an hour late, meaning he and Diane Oxberry have to fill endlessly. Then, just as the open-top bus finally gets going, they have to end the broadcast for EastEnders.

Oh well. A+ for effort! :-)

Celebration by Delay Minutes
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Merseyrail's web site just announced that due to “shere” (their spelling) volume of passengers, services were running up to 30 minutes late. Then at 8.15pm Lime Street station was closed for thirty minutes for safety reasons.

Two statistics which neatly sum up the scene in Liverpool city centre tonight, which I'm watching on Sky News from the comfort of my home. I'm not a football fan, but what a fantastic atmosphere!

30th May 2005

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We have a new kitten. His name is Max, he's 8 weeks old, cute as anything, and he's hiding behing the couch.

Spam, spam, baked beans and spam
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Britain pays for queen's sex!

Well, it's more imaginative than most junk e-mails, no?