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October 2005

1st October 2005

Kids say the funniest things
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“Touch me again and I’ll rape yer ma.”

— A 12-year-old scally lad to his equally scallyish friend, St John’s Precinct, Saturday afternoon.

2nd October 2005

Jon Stewart cutting through the clutter
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Apropos of nothing, other than getting the most depressing entry ever off the top of the main page, doesn’t More4 look like it could potentially be the best television channel, ever?

Well, that may be overstating it a little. But they have The Daily Show! And it will actually be shown daily, as opposed to irregularly on CNN.

7th October 2005

We Hate Parky
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Wow, TV Cream, don’t hold back: tell us what you really think!

9th October 2005

Three Degrees
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Sad — you want to do a web page about your pet cat.

Sadder — you’re going to register a domain specifically for the cat.

Saddest — someone else got there first.

16th October 2005

Flared Boo
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The phrase “sick as a parrot” takes on a whole new meaning: BBC News reports that Sir Liam Donaldson said a bird flu pandemic will hit Britain, killing about 50,000 — but not necessarily this year.

It’s nice to have something to look forward to, I suppose.

22nd October 2005

Wisteria Hysteria
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OK, so Channel 4 have been showing a double bill of Desperate Housewives late every Friday night, so I’ve been setting the video to tape them and then watching them on Saturday afternoon.

So this afternoon I sat back to watch the tape, only to hear the Channel 4 announcer introduce the first episode of a triple bill.

Yup, they showed 3 episodes back to back, and I only set the video for the first two.

And the final episode was the season finale!!!.

E4 are also repeating it, but they’re about 8 episodes behind, so it won’t be on until December!

This has really pissed me off.

23rd October 2005

Oh I say it’s tough, I have had enough, can you stop a spending spree?
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I saw the Hornby Christmas Special train set in The Model Centre in Liverpool today.

There are 1,001 things that I should spend my money on before this, but… I really want it! Would it be wrong of me to go in and just buy it?

24th October 2005

I feel like Chicken Tonight
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I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry:-

A MAKESHIFT shrine has sprung up in Liverpool – in memory of a dead chicken.

The confusion began last Tuesday when a woman telephoned police to report the discovery of a baby’s body.

Paramedics could not identify the body and neither could the attending police doctor, who studied the foetus left outside Anfield Tackle.

The corpse was taken to a nearby hospital where it was later identified by medical staff as a chicken.

26th October 2005

Thanks, Stranger. Thanger
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Somebody bought something from Amazon using the link on my front page! I am now 43p better off.

I’m going to buy myself a packet of crisps.

Merseyrail train derails
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27th October 2005

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The Liverpool Echo outdoes itself today, with a headline screaming “FEAR IN THE DARK!” while inside the paper there’s an article praising passengers’ “bulldog spirit”.

Still, I suppose “Minor derailment with low casualties” wouldn’t sell nearly as many papers.

28th October 2005

Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd:
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Normally I hate getting silly jokes forwarded to me in the office, but this one made me laugh, mainly because I read it after recording 5 hours of Miscellaneous Administrative Time on my time sheet.

29th October 2005

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One thing that the Wirral Line derailment has screwed up was my plan to visit the Merseyside MRS model railway exhibition in Birkenhead tomorrow. Damn you, 508124!

I might take the ferry over instead. I haven’t been on the Mersey Ferry since… well, actually it was last year, when I went to the Merseyside MRS model railway exhibition in Birkenhead.

I always enjoy the ferry ride, even if the last couple of times there’s been an idiot on a jetski doing circles around the boat, desperately trying to impress the people on board by doing stunts, but succeeding only in repeatedly falling off and looking a bit foolish.

Was there a point to this entry? Erm… probably not. But at least I know WordPress‘s “post to future” option works!

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Too funny.

30th October 2005

Lots of little trains going round in circles
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Buoyed by the knowledge that at least one good-looking man will be in Doctor Who next year, I set off early for the Merseyside MRS show at Pacific Road Centre, Birkenhead. Just as well, as my train into town was delayed when someone tried to set fire to it (I kid you not).

Anyway, off at Moorfields from where it’s just a short walk over to the ferry terminal to catch the ferry to Birkenhead. In a rare feat of forward planning, I had bought a Saveaway ticket which is valid on the ferry provided you don’t use it to do a touristy round-trip cruise.

Yet again, I got halfway across the river, saw the classic view of the Liverpool waterfront and cursed myself for forgetting to bring my camera with me. The clouds had lifted and with the sun shining, it really is one of the most stunning views available anywhere.

Anyway, parked up on the tram siding outside the ferry terminal at Woodside was a rather impressive modern-style articulated tram. I have no idea where it had come from (the destination blind said “Edinburgh” but they don’t have a tram system yet) or what it was doing there. And again, I wished I had my camera to take a picture.

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31st October 2005

Google login shocker
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Only the terminally immature would find this funny. Of course, I think it’s hilarious.

The Haunted “El”
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Here’s a nice idea — the powers-that-be in Chicago have decorated one of their subway trains for Hallowe’en. Passengers will be entertained by an educational puppet show during their journey.

All in all sounds like a great way to get the kids involved and a good bit of PR. Much as I love Merseyrail, I can’t imagine them ever doing something like this.