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November 2008

4th November 2008

Dear America
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You have a big chance to make history and, at a stroke, make up for 8 years of chaos and blundering on the world stage. When I wake up tomorrow morning, I expect Barack Obama to be President-Elect, otherwise I’ll be… really quite upset. Thank you.

7th November 2008

Branson Pickle
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Liverpool to London with Virgin Trains? For £10.60 return? Yes, I think I will buy that. 🙂

10th November 2008

Some sort of title should go here
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A nice man from Virgin Media came round to my house this morning and replaced my cable modem, restoring my internet connection to its former glory. It’s been flaky since the middle of last week, finally giving up the ghost on Friday evening. I am now fully back online, thus avoiding the horror of talking to REAL people instead of via Facebook. Yay!

Now I just have to catch up on a week’s worth of Lolcats.

13th November 2008

The Good Book
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Christian Voice are causing trouble again. If Jesus’s message is as strong as they say it is, why is a book of poetry so threatening?

14th November 2008

Superlambanana Calendar!
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Surely the must-have date-related item for 2009:

Official Superlambanana Calendar 2009

I’d provide a link to buy one online — but I can’t find one! The only place I’ve seen them on sale is the Calendar Club stand in Clayton Square Shopping Centre.

21st November 2008

IT Crowd
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Hurrah! The The IT Crowd is back tonight!

Um, that’s it.

22nd November 2008

Keeping us safe from terrorists or something
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Anyone who fails to keep their ID cards updated will be fined a thousand quid. Bet you can’t wait to “voluntarily” get one now!

27th November 2008

As long as Wilkinson keep going, I’ll be fine
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To commemorate the demise of Woolworths, here’s an aspect of their business which has stuck in my memory far more than pick’n’mix, cheap board games (4 in a Row!) and electrical items you don’t really need.

Yes, it’s one of those weird adverts they used to show every Christmas, which were nothing more than a clip from a film or music video with a few captions stuck on top. YouTube is a wonderful thing.