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14th March 2010

Train Porn
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Or as close to it as you can get, anyway. This late 80s advert for British Rail was usually only broadcast in a 60-second edited version. On a couple of special occasions, however, the full length two-and-a-half minute version was wheeled out, and here it is:-

It could be like this again. Renationalise!

27th November 2008

As long as Wilkinson keep going, I’ll be fine
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To commemorate the demise of Woolworths, here’s an aspect of their business which has stuck in my memory far more than pick’n’mix, cheap board games (4 in a Row!) and electrical items you don’t really need.

Yes, it’s one of those weird adverts they used to show every Christmas, which were nothing more than a clip from a film or music video with a few captions stuck on top. YouTube is a wonderful thing.