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14th August 2008

Tim Leunig has it in his Sky+ planner already!
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Next week is Liverpool on the Box week on BBC Four, a week-long season of programmes showcasing Liverpool’s contribution to British television.

The highlight of Liverpool on the Box week surely comes on Tuesday, with a programme called… er, Liverpool on the Box which promises some 1985-vintage footage of Russell Harty sitting in with Billy Butler on Hold Your Plums. Carla Lane is also featured, but don’t let that put you off.

There’s also some Z Cars; a 1959-made documentary (Morning on the Streets) about post-war Liverpool; a 2008-made documentary (Tales of Twelve Cities) by Alan Bleasdale; a repeat of Trouble at the Top about the problem-plagued attempts to open a Beatles themed hotel; and much more archive-raiding goodness.

All in all, this looks quite special and well worth sellotaping over the record-protect hole of an E240 for. And it all culminates — hurrah! — with Our Day Out next Friday!