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27th May 2013

Atlantic Fantastic
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Ship Tied UpBlogging has been rather light this past month, for which I apologise. I have been studying an Open University maths module which draws to a close on 3rd June with the final exam. Studying for that, and finishing my final assignment, has taken up most of my time. Hopefully, this time next week I will be free to spout nonsense as usual.

I did make time yesterday afternoon, however, to go into Liverpool city centre for the Battle of the Atlantic 70th anniversary commemorations. The Battle of the Atlantic was crucial to the Allies during the Second World War, as Merchant Navy ships carrying essential supplies attempted to outmanoeuvre the German U-Boats which were determined to sink them. Liverpool was very much at the forefront of the campaign – the city’s docks handled much of the cargo, and the command centre responsible for co-ordinating the shipping movements was located in an underground bunker just round the corner from Liverpool Town Hall. It suffered for its strategic importance, being bombed more heavily than any British city outside London.

It has been agreed by all concerned that the 70th anniversary will be the last large-scale commemoration, and tens of thousands of visitors poured into Liverpool over the bank holiday weekend to see the events, which included visiting ships from the countries involved, military displays on the waterfront and a service of remembrance at Liverpool Cathedral.

I arrived at the Albert Dock on Sunday afternoon in glorious sunshine, which had certainly brought out the crowds. Even getting around the dock was slow, due to the sheer number of people.

Crowds at the Albert Dock

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14th January 2013

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I think it needs to be emphasised that at the weekend Transport for London RAN A STEAM TRAIN ON THE UNDERGROUND.

Video from the citytransportinfo YouTube channel.

17th July 2011

Would Jubilee-ve it?
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One of the most prominent landmarks in the North West celebrates its anniversary today – the Jubilee Bridge (the “Runcorn Bridge” to you and me) is 50 years old, with a special convoy of 200 vintage vehicles. BBC News reports:-

Drivers are being warned to expect traffic disruption in and around Heath Park, Runcorn, Victoria Park, Widnes and along the convoy route at about 1200 BST.

Causing a massive traffic jam seems an appropriate way to commemorate the Runcorn Bridge.

27th March 2008

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I missed the fifth anniversary of my first blog post. I was going to do something to commemorate, but then… forgot. Ahem.

Oh well. No April Fool joke this year, either 🙁

Can you tell I’ve lost interest? Never mind; have a look at this slightly disturbing BBC news story instead.