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11th June 2009

Very big down under
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I must confess to being quite ignorant of what goes on in Australia. My knowledge of that fair land comes entirely from watching Neighbours — from which I’ve concluded that it never rains and there are no black people.

I mention it now because I was alerted by Popbitch to a minor kerfuffle in Oz over taste and decency in broadcasting. Last week a comedy show, The Chaser’s War on Everything, aired a sketch poking fun at the Make a Wish Foundation. The cast have subsequently been vilified by the Aussie press for their poor taste, and heads have rolled at the ABC (Australia’s equivalent of the BBC).

I thought it’d be interesting to compare notes with our own very British broadcasting scandal. On the face of it, all the ingredients are there: controversial comedy stars pulling a stunt on a publicly-funded broadcaster causing an outcry, resulting in suspensions and resignations.

The sketch has been banned from ever airing again, so be grateful for YouTube:-

That’s it? Not only is it quite funny; on my offence-o-meter it barely registers. If this had aired here in the UK, I can’t imagine even the most antagonistic Daily Mail reader getting the antique pen and monogrammed stationery out to write a letter of complaint.

What’s wrong with you, Australia? Your chief export is people who wrestle crocodiles for a living, and you’re upset by this? I highly recommend you don’t ever watch British TV — Mitchell and Webb tonight featured Queen Victoria saying “cum” about 20 times (also very funny).

I’m not angry, Australia. I’m just… disappointed.

27th June 2008

Other forms of sea transport are available
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Good to see Google still has a sense of humour.

(via Andrew Sullivan).