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8th January 2008

Everything you expect from Robert, except a clever pun in the title
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I was going to post a moan about the illogical web site blocking policy in use at work, which seemed to have been determined on a “stick pins at random into a list of web sites” basis. Why is Amazon blocked because it’s “shopping”, while is allowed? Why are we not allowed to access BlogSpot (“chat”), but LiveJournal is OK?

Anyway, I tried it today and it’s now slightly less stupid. When I say “less stupid”, what I actually mean is that Amazon is unblocked and I can shop for erotic books when I should be working (I can also log in to my account and ponder the reasons why my order, with an estimated dispatch date of 7th January, has not been posted). Any moan is therefore out of date and pointless. Oh well.

But wait! There are still interesting blog posts ahead. For example, relating to this topic: The other day I got a Facebook message from a girl who went to school with my sister. She wants me to add her as a friend. The problem is, I can’t remember her at all.

In fact, thinking about it some more, why the bloody hell should I remember? I wasn’t her friend. She was my sister’s friend. She didn’t come to our house for sleepovers with me; I never stayed up all night with her eating crisps, watching scary movies and talking about boys.

Now, I am not one of these people who will add any random person to my friends list (they have to, y’know, be an actual friend first). So I deleted the message. Now she’s sent me another message telling me how rude I am.

So I sent this message back to her. Firm but polite, I thought:

I have to be honest, I don’t remember you at all. Sorry!

I’m hoping she’ll take the hint and leave me alone. Because the last thing I want to be on a social networking site is social.