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31st December 2008

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I always take the odd days between Christmas and New Year off work; frankly I couldn’t bear going into work straight after a 48-hour chocolate binge.

One consequence of this extended absence is my body clock gets all out of whack and starts thinking every day is a Saturday. I’ve been staying in bed until 11am, which doesn’t bode well for Friday when I have to drag my sorry (Dairy Milk-enlarged) arse back to work.

So I set my alarm for 8.30 this morning to try and ease myself back in. However, I couldn’t sleep at all (I was still awake to hear the clink of milk bottles on doorstep) and so when my alarm did go off, I was so completely zonked out (MEDICAL TERM) that I immediately switched it off and ended up falling out of bed at… 11am. Ho-hum.

Happy New Year, anyway. I’ll probably be back tomorrow with some sort of review of the year type thing. Unless I forget.