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11th May 2010

Blown Up Out Of All Proportion
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I was going to post about the ridiculous outcome of the Twitter “bomb threat” trial, but Graham Linehan has summed up the farce far better than I ever could.

22nd February 2010

Because the police have nothing better to do
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From The Register:-

A Twitter user who posted a “joke” bomb threat against a UK airport could be jailed after pleading guilty to sending a menacing message.

Paul Chambers, 26, of Balby, Doncaster, admitted posting an ill-considered message onto Twitter about Robin Hood Airport, South Yorkshire, on 6 January after the airport closed as a result of unusually heavy snow.

He’s also been banned from Robin Hood Airport for life, thus forcing him to go elsewhere to catch Ryanair flights to Alicante. But a jail sentence for this? Really? Surely there are there more pressing crimes than this which need the attention of the justice system? Utter madness.