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29th September 2007

Brain drain
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I bought the catchily-titled Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain?. After doing the tests, which involved shouting the names of colours into the DS microphone (this is not a game to play on a crowded train), the titular Japanese chappy, appearing via a slightly scary-looking 3D avatar, breezily informed me that my brain age was… wait for it… 50!

Yes, fifty. Five-oh. Half a century. 2×25. Clearly that hour I spent watching BBC Three the other night has killed my brain beyond all hope of repair. Actually, Brain Training is quite good fun, and it uses the features of the DS well. You write your answers using the stylus and, as mentioned above, it has voice-recognition as well. The good news is, after 2 days of hard graft, I’m now down to 41! Hurrah! Don’t ship me off to the old people’s home just yet.