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17th July 2011

Would Jubilee-ve it?
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One of the most prominent landmarks in the North West celebrates its anniversary today – the Jubilee Bridge (the “Runcorn Bridge” to you and me) is 50 years old, with a special convoy of 200 vintage vehicles. BBC News reports:-

Drivers are being warned to expect traffic disruption in and around Heath Park, Runcorn, Victoria Park, Widnes and along the convoy route at about 1200 BST.

Causing a massive traffic jam seems an appropriate way to commemorate the Runcorn Bridge.

24th November 2009

Action Stations
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Britain’s railway system has something of a reputation for bureaucracy and inefficiency. Sometimes it’s well-earned, but other times it really comes through.

Some background: many bridges in Cumbria have been destroyed or rendered unsafe following the severe flooding of the past few days. Particularly badly affected is Workington, where the town has been effectively sliced in two by the loss of all the road and pedestrian bridges crossing the River Derwent.

The only bridge still open is the bridge carrying the Cumbrian Coast Railway. The only problem is that Workington has only one station and the next stop on the other side of the river is four miles away.

So Network Rail are building a new station.

Just like that.

Complete with footbridge, waiting shelters and car park.

AND it will be open by November 30th!

Genuinely impressed. Well done Network Rail!