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16th March 2012

Power of 2
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When David Cameron told the Tory Conference in October 2011 that he supported marriage rights for same-sex couples, I wonder if he expected the reaction to be as vociferous as it has been? He didn’t just open a can of worms; he put the can in a microwave, programmed it for full power, and watched the sparks fly.

I will admit that – while I wasn’t surprised by the reaction of certain religious leaders – I was surprised that their views were allowed to dominate the debate, especially on TV and radio (that politically correct liberal media at work again, I guess). I was also surprised – shocked, in fact – at how vicious some of the anti-marriage commentary has been. Some comments have been reminiscent of the nonsense that comes out of the mouths of the religious right in America. I naively hoped that Britain would be above this kind of thing.

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24th April 2011

Cardinal Sin
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Happy Spring Sphere Day everyone! Here’s more of that Christian love we keep hearing so much about, as the leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland attacks “aggressive secularism” in his Easter sermon. And what is the worst part of that problem? You’ll never guess…

In a reference to equality legislation preventing discrimination against homosexual people, Cardinal O’Brien will denounce what he claims is the way Christians have been prevented from acting in accordance with their beliefs because they refuse to endorse such lifestyles.

Cardinal O’Brien seems to think that people like me need his permission to live our “lifestyle”. Last time I checked, that wasn’t the case.

Of course, there are plenty of Christian groups who do embrace gay people, and organisations such as the Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement. It’s not as simple as the repeated “Gays v Christians” stories in the media make it appear.