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17th December 2009

Xmas the Spot
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The weather’s getting colder, the nights are getting longer and Ryan Giggs has won the X Factor (or something). It can only mean one thing: Christmas approaches, and as usual the broadcasters clear their schedules for some festive hijinks.

Here is my pick of the Christmas TV schedules. I actually thought I’d done this last year, but in fact it was all the way back in 2006 when I hand-picked some top Christmas telly, so it’s high time I did it again. There’s a lot of dross this year, and a big thumbs down to BBC Two who fill an hour of precious peaktime on Christmas Day with a repeat of the previous week’s Top Gear! Still, there’s some proverbial wheat to be found among the chaff. Here’s my choice.

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3rd January 2009

Rest assured that I was on the Internet within minutes, registering my disgust throughout the world
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The new Doctor is Matt Smith and the Internet collective semi-consciousness seems to be predicting a disaster, just like Catherine Tate… er, wasn’t.

He may only be 26 (yikes — I’m 53 days older than him!) but that’s still only three years younger than Peter Davison was when he did it. So there.

12th April 2008

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T.K. Maxximus. 🙂