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22nd June 2009

BBC Four on Everything
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Wow. Just a few days after I mention The Chaser’s War on Everything on this blog, I discover that BBC Four have picked the series up and start showing it this Tuesday.

This is just a coincidence, but it’s much better for my ego if I consider it a result of the publicity I’ve generated.

11th June 2009

Very big down under
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I must confess to being quite ignorant of what goes on in Australia. My knowledge of that fair land comes entirely from watching Neighbours — from which I’ve concluded that it never rains and there are no black people.

I mention it now because I was alerted by Popbitch to a minor kerfuffle in Oz over taste and decency in broadcasting. Last week a comedy show, The Chaser’s War on Everything, aired a sketch poking fun at the Make a Wish Foundation. The cast have subsequently been vilified by the Aussie press for their poor taste, and heads have rolled at the ABC (Australia’s equivalent of the BBC).

I thought it’d be interesting to compare notes with our own very British broadcasting scandal. On the face of it, all the ingredients are there: controversial comedy stars pulling a stunt on a publicly-funded broadcaster causing an outcry, resulting in suspensions and resignations.

The sketch has been banned from ever airing again, so be grateful for YouTube:-

That’s it? Not only is it quite funny; on my offence-o-meter it barely registers. If this had aired here in the UK, I can’t imagine even the most antagonistic Daily Mail reader getting the antique pen and monogrammed stationery out to write a letter of complaint.

What’s wrong with you, Australia? Your chief export is people who wrestle crocodiles for a living, and you’re upset by this? I highly recommend you don’t ever watch British TV — Mitchell and Webb tonight featured Queen Victoria saying “cum” about 20 times (also very funny).

I’m not angry, Australia. I’m just… disappointed.