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25th July 2013

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It has not been a good month for Europe’s railways. First we had the deadly accident at Bretigny-sur-Orge in France, and then yesterday the horrific derailment at Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Railways are the safest way to travel, but I’m sure that statistic does not give much comfort to those involved.

I can’t imagine many more horrifying things to be involved in than a train crash. One minute you’re speeding along cocooned in a comfortable train, the next you find yourself thrown out of your seat as the carriage crumbles around you, ending up in as a pile of twisted metal and broken glass. My heart goes out to everyone involved in both accidents.

1st July 2009

Runaway Success
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Poor Merseyrail. First St Michaels station becomes the Venice of the North, and now this:

Merseyrail - Oops!

It’s quite serious because the lead carriage ended up partially blocking the running lines, where a train could have smacked into it. The RAIB are reportedly investigating the accident. On the other hand, listening to Merseyrail’s Rudi Boersma explaining the suspected cause — that it is the equivalent of leaving a car’s handbrake off — takes the edge off it somewhat.

I’m just pleased it’s someone else’s line that’s messed up for a change! 🙂