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21st June 2009

Meanwhile, in a country far, far away…
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The courage and determination of the Iranian protesters continues to amaze me. To continue battling on against repressive forces like this, in the face of an increasingly violent situation, shows remarkable tenacity. History could be made over the next few days.

If something similar were to happen in the UK, would we stand up as a nation and fight the tyranny, or would most people just sit back and accept it? I worry that it would be the latter.

15th June 2009


Twitter has been playing a crucial role in Iran, allowing protesters to disseminate information. Simultaneously, other twitterers have been heavily critical of CNN and other news outlets for under-reporting events, using the #cnnfail hashtag.

Surely now is time to say goodbye to the dinosaurs of broadcast television and hello to the new world of Web 2.0! The mainstream media is dead! Long live Twitter! Except…


Oooh. That is… awkward timing.

Update: The downtime has been postponed.