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20th May 2014

Day of Thunder
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Heatwave conditions had Liverpool’s citizens rushing for the nearest park or beach over the weekend. Even I, not exactly known for being a sun-worshipper, ventured out into the garden (with the obligatory SPF 50 and beekeeper’s outfit, of course).

On Monday, however, the climate became increasingly oppressive and humid as the afternoon wore on. Then, around 8pm, rumbles of thunder were heard, and for the next couple of hours a spectacular storm raged over Merseyside, with torrential rain lashing down, and lightning bolts ripping across the sky.

I was holed up inside, dividing my time between exam revision and making sure all my computer equipment was correctly plugged into the surge protector. But Twitter was awash with spectacular pictures:-

For a large-size print of that final picture, check out the photographer’s online store.