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6th August 2008

Hampo says Relax
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I’ve not been happy with Liverpool Museum (or World Museum Liverpool as they’re called now), ever since they got rid of the Land Transport Gallery and put most of the collection, including a Liverpool Overhead Railway carriage and original Mersey Railway steam loco, into storage.

However, I can forgive them all that, thanks to their latest exhibition, The Beat Goes On, which aims to showcase the history of the Liverpool music scene from the 1940s up to the present day — everything from Ken Dodd to Cream. No-one could ever accuse me of being on the cutting edge of music (I once tuned into BBC 6Music by mistake and had to lie down for several hours), but even I was favourably impressed by the sheer amount of Liverpool talent (and Atomic Kitten) on show.

Hurray for Liverpool Museum, and hurray for my sister who dragged me along with her on Sunday afternoon.

The leaf cutter ants in the Bug House are seriously cool, too. This is completely separate to the music exhibition – Leaf Cutter Ants is not the name of a new band. Although it could be.