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16th March 2013

Liverpool Resurgent

Three GracesOf all the happy happenings over the past decade, one of the best, as far as I am concerned, is the continuing regeneration of Liverpool.

Back in 2003, when Liverpool won its Capital of Culture title, many were sceptical that the city could deliver.

Certainly eyebrows were raised in 2004, when Liverpool Biennial put up pictures of naked female breasts and genitals in the city’s main shopping streets.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: nipples and vaginas are excellent in the right context, but not flapping around on a banner outside the Carphone Warehouse.

The above blog post comes from a far off time when nudity offended me.

There was trouble behind the scenes, as Merseytram, the showpiece transport scheme that was supposed to be up and running for 2008, was cancelled after months of political squabbling and setbacks. My insightful reaction? “Oh, poo.” Having said that, I have a feeling it would have ended up a shambles, like the Edinburgh tram scheme.

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29th May 2008

Liverpool One II
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Only had time for a brief look round during my lunch hour, but… It really is great.

And look! We’re getting an Apple store! Truly, I can now believe that Liverpool is a major player.

Apple store opening soon!

More crap mobile phone pictures, “after the jump”, as they say.

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28th May 2008

The One to Watch
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The residents of Liverpool have had to endure months of roadworks and disruption in the city centre, but our long nightmare is nearly at an end — Liverpool One Phase One opens tomorrow!

And judging by the BBC’s pictures at the page linked above, the wait will have been worth it!