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10th June 2009

Loaf, the universe and everything… and a mouse
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Don’t click the link if you’re about to eat — especially if it’s a sandwich:

A man got the shock of his life when he opened a loaf of bread and found a whole mouse inside.

North Antrim Magistrates Court heard how a man purchased a Hyndman’s malt loaf from a supermarket in the Ballymoney area before Christmas 2007.

When he unwrapped the loaf he discovered the small lifeless mammal embedded in the base of the bread.

The judge fined the company, D Hyndman and Son Ltd, Maghera, £1,000 plus costs for placing unsafe food on the market.

It would have been a much better story if the mouse had actually been found embedded in a lump of cheese — there would be a whole poetic justice angle to the story.

Meanwhile, the Guardian is not taking this story seriously — there’s no liveblog, for one thing — but does have a helpful round-up of other food horrors. The tale of a chicken’s head amongst some nuggets is a long-standing favourite of mine.

4th July 2008

Cat Scan
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In honour of American Independence Day, and in lieu of anything else to post, here is my cat, Max, and his latest victim:-

Max catches a mouse

Before you complain, remember The Lion King — it’s all part of the circle of life. Elton John said so!