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24th July 2011

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I wanted to acknowledge the attacks in Norway, but frankly any analysis is beyond me at this point. One thing I’m fairly certain about is that more horrific details are going to emerge in the coming days about exactly what happened on Friday afternoon.

It’s interesting that almost everybody in the news media seemed to immediately assume that this was an Al Qaeda-style terror attack, only for it to become clear later that the suspect was a white right-wing extremist. Post 9/11, we seem to have forgotten that madmen come in many guises and any religious faith can be warped to “justify” acts of terror.

9th March 2008

Well done Ellen DeGeneres…

…for speaking out about a truly appalling hate crime.

For Ellen to speak out like this was a big step. The American public may just about tolerate gay celebrities, but generally only when they are offering fashion advice to clueless men or playing the celibate best friend of the female protagonist in a hackneyed rom-com.