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13th August 2008

This will go down well

A think-tank has published a slightly bizarre report claiming that Liverpool and other Northern cities will never “catch up” with London and the government should stop putting regeneration cash in.

Instead he said Liverpool residents should move south to London, claiming the decline of the docks had taken away the city’s reason to exist.

Yes, that’s a great idea, because the thing London needs more than anything else is more people.

In a way the report does make a valid point about the London-centric nature of the country. However the solution is surely to encourage people and businesses to move away from the stupidly overpopulated London area and into the North, rather than the other way round.

Economic and social arguments aside, let me put it like this: I’ll take Merseyrail, the Super Lamb Banana and the Beatles over the Tube, the Fourth Plinth and Chas’n’Dave any day.

The Echo have helpfully published the e-mail address of the report’s author. I’m sure he will receive lots of constructive criticism amidst the hate mail.