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19th September 2011

Goo Goo G’ Joob
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Merseytravel Walrus CardIt’s hard not to be a fan of the Oyster Card. As I wandered around London during my recent visit, it was great not to have to worry about fishing for cash or accidentally travelling out of an arbitrarily-defined zone. Simply tap your card on the yellow pad and let the computers do the rest.

I think it’s safe to say that the introduction of Oyster was nothing less than a revolution in ticketing. With online and automatic topup options available, the days of queueing at ticket offices to pay public transport fares are a distant memory for most Londoners.

I have, therefore, been eagerly awaiting the long-threatened launch of Merseytravel’s equivalent technology. I was excited this summer by the sight of smartcard readers appearing on the ticket barriers at Merseyrail’s major stations for the use of bewildered pensioners travelling on free passes.

Until now though, it was not known when non-coffin dodgers would be able to get their hands on one. Well, the wait is over and the next phase of the rollout has begun. From today, commuters renewing their all-zone Trio ticket will not get the date-stamp-on-a-sticker which has been the standard issue for years. Instead, they will be issued with their ticket on a new Merseytravel-branded smartcard: Walrus.

Yes, Walrus.

I’m not quite sure what the thinking is: I think it’s an attempt to continue the sea-based theme (after Hong Kong’s Octopus and Oyster), as well as enabling a slew of “I am the Walrus” puns. Yes, it’s Liverpool, so it has to be the fucking Beatles again. At least the marketing people came up with something slightly more imaginative than Ticket to Ride.

Merseytravel have a nice little web site about the card complete with a video which tries really hard to sell the branding. It nearly won me over with “Walrus in your wallet”, but by that point I was already annoyed by the narrator talking about topping up the card, “or feeding the Walrus as I like to call it.” (aargh!)

I have plenty of time to get used to the name: if the rollout plan is adhered to, I (as a monthly season ticket holder) won’t get my hands on a Walrus until Autumn 2012. The final phase – Oyster-style pay-as-you-go – will not be completed until 2013.

I will grudgingly admit to liking the design of the card, with the Walrus “tusks” which also bring to mind the livery design on the outer ends of Merseyrail trains.

It’s surely going to be a great boon to the travelling public. But oh, the name!

20th February 2008

Go Greener, Go Cheaper, Go… Merseyrail?
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One of the best things about living in Liverpool is that green spaces are readily and cheaply accessible by public transport. For the princely sum of £2.10 return (with Railcard discount), I was able to jump on the train to Hoylake and spend the afternoon in Red Rocks Marsh Nature Reserve. I was almost put off by the freezing weather in the morning, but by the time I got there at about 1pm the sun was out and it was quite pleasant, although the unmelted ice was crunching under my feet as I walked along the beach.

I found out about this thanks to Merseytravel who put out several leaflets about exploring the Merseyside area by public transport. This one is called Walk&CycleAbout Wirral Peninsula and can be downloaded from the web site. Alternatively get a printed copy from any Merseyrail station or Merseytravel shop.

On the cards for when the weather warms up is the Wirral Country Park. Last time I attempted to walk the whole length of this path, I got lost in the amusingly-named village of Gayton and had to abandon the trip.