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16th October 2008

Official: Merseyrail does not want people using its trains
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Every time Merseyrail seems like its about to shake off its Miseryrail tag, they manage to shoot themselves in the foot.

Merseyrail is introducing a minimum off-peak day return fare of £3 for travel after 9.30am, meaning that for thousands of passengers making shorter journeys, it will be cheaper to buy an “anytime” day return.

So an off-peak return journey from Aigburth to Liverpool Central, currently priced at £1.95, goes up to £2.50 — that’s a 28% increase. Great. 🙁

It doesn’t affect me directly, because I have a season ticket; and yes, I know that Merseyrail fares are incredibly cheap compared to elsewhere in the country, but I can’t help that the fair denizens of Merseyside are being shafted.