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29th April 2011

Luvly Couple Blinda Data
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Aren’t they a great couple! Oh, look at the lovely hats! Isn’t it amazing how many people turned out. Wasn’t Kate’s dress special? Aw, they kissed on the balcony! Doesn’t it make you proud of the monarchy?

Sorry, I’m not being too convincing, am I? I think I would have been more well-disposed towards the whole thing were it not for a couple of things which left a sour taste:

Firstly, the news on both TV and the newspapers has been nothing but non-stop Royal Wedding madness for weeks beforehand. Yes, it’s the Royal Family, but to cover them so extensively, when more important events are transpiring elsewhere, is ridiculous. To be honest, I’m surprised we’re not getting minute-by-minute coverage of the honeymoon with Eamonn Holmes reporting live from outside the hotel (“I’m getting unconfirmed reports from Sky sources that consummation HAS occurred!”).

Secondly, some people on the right made out that anyone who shows less than unflinching adoration to the Monarchy is a hateful anarchist (and probably supports Labour). This was supposed to be a unifying event for the country, not an excuse to bully councils in working-class areas into holding street parties.

Watching the wedding this morning, it was great to see the BBC do what it does best: cover a big national occasion with style and panache. The Daily Mail complained about the number of staff the Beeb were using to cover the event, but I think it was justified (although if they did need to trim numbers, perhaps they should have lost Fearne Cotton?). Twitter this morning was full of comments from Americans who had switched over from CNN, Fox et al to enjoy the understated BBC feed.

We also got this ace “look how great we are” trailer right after the Royal Wedding had finished:

Oh well, it’s all over now. As you were, everyone.

11th April 2011

Hubble, Bubble, Royal and Trouble
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The Sun is alleging that local councils around the country are obstructing street parties by insisting that interested people pay out for insurance and other costs. Its editorial singles out Labour-run councils for “hiding their Stalinist hatred of all things Royal behind a smokescreen of health and safety.” (link goes to the Guardian; I refuse on principle to link to the Sun)

I suspect if councils are being unhelpful, it’s because they have been stripped of millions of pounds in funding by Murdoch’s mates in No.10. Personally I’d prefer that councils spend the money on important things like libraries instead of facilitating the consumption of jelly and ice cream in honour of the heir to the throne.

6th April 2011

Freshly squeezed
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Maybe April 6 should be the real April Fools Day:-

Few people will consider it a cause for celebration – but 6 April marks the start of the new tax year.

This coincides with a series of changes to taxes, some benefit entitlements, and rights for employees.

I’m not sure if I’m better off or not. I’m squarely in that bracket that apparently benefits from the changes: male, no children, income under £25,000 and single (come and get me, guys!). However, the prices of so many things seem to have gone up, such that my disposable income gets swallowed faster than a plate of chips served to John Prescott.

It’s all very depressing at the moment, isn’t it? With cuts in services and prices going up, there’s not much to be cheerful about OH LOOK ROYAL WEDDING!!!!!111