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20th December 2014

End of two eras
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‘Folks, if this is your first time tuning into the Colbert Report, I have some terrible news’

The world of US late night TV continues to be a mystery to most Britons. In the UK, after the late news, there’s a dearth of original programming. No-one is going to spend money on programmes which will go out when most people are getting ready for bed.

Over in the US, however, many networks stay up into the small hours with a multitude of late night shows. Most of them follow the format established decades ago by Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show: a topical monologue from the host, a comedy sketch, then some celebrity guests and a performance from a musician or stand-up comedian before the closing credits roll.

Shaking up the landscape in 2005, however, was The Colbert Report. Dispensing with the tried-and-true format, Colbert went with political and media satire. It’s often cutting, occasionally brutal, but always uproariously funny.

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21st May 2009

Cool as a cucumber with sunglasses
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Keyboard Cat has gone mainstream!

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22nd December 2008

Public Service Announcement
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If you have access to FX UK, be sure to check out A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All, tonight at 11.30pm. I saw it on its first broadcast last night, and I promise you will enjoy every minute (well, not the ad breaks, unless you derive unusual satisfaction from getting up to go to the toilet).

17th September 2008

I own a vintage phone shop!
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It’s “embed a video clip in lieu of original content” time, as Stephen Colbert’s deadpan demeanour deserts him for just a moment:-