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29th December 2010

Balancing Act
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I love the BBC, but when it comes to gay people (and news about gay people in particular) they still have issues.

In a news story about Sir Elton John and David Furnish becoming parents, the BBC included a comment from Stephen Green of Christian Voice criticising the move.

The BBC presumably included Green for the purpose of “balance”, to avoid giving the Daily Mail and Jeremy Hunt more evidence that it is pursuing a left-wing agenda. But why give airtime to someone whose views are far outside the mainstream? Stephen Green has supported a proposed Ugandan law mandating the death penalty for gay people and compared H from Steps to Jeffrey Dahmer.

Would the BBC interview Nick Griffin if a Pakistani couple adopted a baby? Good grief.

13th November 2008

The Good Book
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Christian Voice are causing trouble again. If Jesus’s message is as strong as they say it is, why is a book of poetry so threatening?