Robert Hampton



I'm a rail enthusiast living in Liverpool, and despite the best efforts of the Department for Transport, I'm still enthusiastic. If you're not a die-hard spotter, please don't be intimidated — I've tried to keep things “accessible”.

[Class 502] Friends of the 502 Group
External link to the Friends of the Class 502 EMU page.
[LSP Station Sign] Liverpool South Parkway
Photographs showing the last day of operation at Garston station, and the new Liverpool South Parkway interchange.
[Merseyrail Underground 1977 Logo] Merseyrail 1977
A little piece of history: a map of the Merseyrail network from when the Liverpool underground network first opened nearly 30 years ago.
[Tour train at Hooton] Merseyrail Electric Railtour
A marathon tour of the Merseyrail network, reaching the parts other trains don't reach.
[Rover ticket] North West Rover 2006
Travels around the North West of England on a 7-day Rover ticket in October 2006.
[The Station Master] The Station Master
External link to my new blog chronicling visits to some of the UK's obscure and underused stations.
[Class 37 Loco] Settle & Carlisle Railway
Some photos taken on one of England's most scenic rail routes.