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11th February 2008

Still Number One, it’s Top of the Summer Pops
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My copy of Liverpool: The Number Ones Album finally arrived today. Seriously, Play — what’s happened to you? I remember a time when I could pre-order an item and receive it from you a full two days before the official release date. This CD was supposed to be released on the 4th, yet you didn’t even dispatch until two days later. What’s with that? I don’t want to sign up for Amazon Prime, but I will, if you make me. You’ve been warned!

Well, making empty threats against shopping web sites always makes me feel better (I deal with interpersonal relationships the same way!) so on to the meat: this album is a great idea (Liverpool musicians of today do cover versions of previous Scouse No.1 songs), but the execution leaves me going “hmmm”.

The good:

  • The Scaffold’s reinterpretation of Three Lions is worth the price of admission alone.
  • Anthony Hannah does a decent version of Relax.
  • Shack’s version of Day Tripper is just modern enough to be different to the original without killing the spirit.

The bad:

  • Sonia… well, Sonia is on the album.
  • Atomic Kitten’s Anyone Who Had a Heart is notable for failing to chart when released as a download-only single a couple of weeks back. The Echo valiantly tried to blame this on “technical problems”; the more likely explanation is that it’s shit.
  • Connie Lush is on a hiding to nothing trying to cover The Power of Love (one of the best songs ever and if you argue with me I’ll spank you), but even then this version is a disappointment
  • According to the album cover, there was once a band called “The Lightening Seeds”

Also, apparently there are extra, download-only tracks available on iTunes, Napster, etc. Why didn’t anyone tell me this earlier?! Do I have to pay again to listen to the cast of Hollyoaks sing How Much Is That Doggie In The Window? I HATE YOU WORLD!

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