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12th March 2008

SYS “Wimp_Initialise”

RISC OS Desktop

Oh, RISC OS, I’m sorry I got angry at you. I will admit, most of the shortcomings outlined in that blog post still apply, but maybe I was a bit hasty in declaring that I was abandoning things entirely.

The truth is, since I stopped using RISC OS daily, I realised there’s lots of things I took for granted. Things like being able to start up Draw whenever I needed a quick graphic for a web site; typing a letter quickly and easily in EasiWriter without having to start up huge, clunking Microsoft Word; knocking up a quick app in BBC BASIC to get something done. I know that all this and more is possible on Windows, but it’s just so effortless on RISC OS.

In short, I’ve found myself switching on the Iyonix more and more over the last couple of months, and have just ordered an upgrade for the aforementioned EasiWriter to replace my 8 year old copy with the latest version.

Sadly it’s not feasible for me to use the Iyonix as my primary internet machine thanks to the lack of web browsing facilities. There’s a decent web browser, and a port of Firefox, but no Flash or multimedia plugins. So the PC will have to remain in use.

Now if only I could get LanManFS to play nicely with my Vista PC (the networking is “not working” — ho ho!).


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