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4th November 2003

Too much of a good thing
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I pack my bags
And head into hyperspace
Velocity at timewarp speed
Spend my days in ultraviolet rays
Fun, fun, fun!
In the sun, sun, sun!

We’re locked on course
Straight through the universe
You and me and the galaxy
Reached this stage, this hyperpathic age
Fun, fun, fun!
In the sun, sun, sun!

The great thing about CD-released extended versions of TV themes is that they usually have an extra bit you never hear on the telly. And in the case of the Red Dwarf theme quoted above, you can understand why. Seriously, the Red Dwarf theme is great, why extend it any further? (requirement for cheap cash in TV themes album notwithstanding)

What does hyperpathic mean, anyway? I’m not actually sure that’s the correct lyric, but it’s quoted on at least three fan sites. It’s didactic all over again.

Update: Listened to it again, and I think it might be "the hyperdrive’s engaged"

One Response
  1. Comment by Seb
    5th November 2003 at 5:27 pm

    Those verses weren’t even written by Howard Goodall or Grant Naylor… they were added later by some random person for the version of the theme that winds up on all those “Sci-Fi Themes” CDs.

    And it shows.

    [/dwarf geekness]