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18th January 2004

Nearly a rhetorical question
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Am I the only person in this crazy mixed-up technocracy of ours that doesn’t have a mobile phone?

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  1. Comment by Jonty Campbell
    30th January 2004 at 9:26 pm

    Don’t worry, you’re not abnormal – when i was in my early 20 or so, we used things called call boxes or pagers. Amazing. How we managed without mobiles 15 years ago I don’t know. 😉

    Remember the early cellfones? – Rabbitphone, which was simply a callbox in your pocket and not a real cellfone, ha ha – you had to find a Rabbit transmitter point to call from, so you may as well use a public callbox.

    The person you called had to own one and be near points themselves – died a death after a small fanfare in the business community.

    Mobiles should be banned from schools, sale or use to anyone under 18 – what use has a teenager or child for a mobile? There just another toy that promotes peer pressure, bullying and pester power.

    the sms texting service seems to have spawned odd Estuary english type moron grammar peculiar to NEDs called “Fukwit”, thats migrated to handwriting; mobile networks stingy with text allowance of 150 chars cannot help.

    As for my mobile? I bought a Nokia 7110 for £25 years after mobiles came out and loved it…rad shielded it, modified it etc and the infra red was a business dream – til two skally punks made off with it after calling an ambulance with it while I had a epileptic seizure in the street – bastards.

    Oh well, I’ve got a modified Nokia 3310 now, don’t know why, no one ever rings me on it lol