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30th January 2004

Please tell me because I’m dying to know
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Andrew Gilligan is gone and no doubt another round of schadenfreude will follow from the BBC’s enemies.

Anyway, some people at the BBC are determined not to go down without a fight. Big names including Jonathan Ross and John Simpson have given their support to an unprecedented newspaper campaign in which the corporation vows to carry on making challenging and provocative programmes.

A group of bloggers have launched their own campaign, hence the link at the top of the page (yes, I know, it looks a bit odd, but I don’t have time to redesign the page to fit it in nicely, and I didn’t want to hide it away at the bottom).

Meanwhile, despite the Hutton findings, overall the BBC is still more trusted by the public than the Government. This speaks volumes about the respect (or lack of) the public have for Tony Blair. Will the Hutton victory yet backfire on the PM in a way we cannot yet determine? Let’s hope so!

I feel quite strongly about this, y’know.

UPDATE: Okay, I’ve redesigned the page so it fits in nicely.

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