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13th March 2004

Useless Knees
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Friday was a bit of a classic telly night then: on the new, stupidly-named UKTV People channel was a 1990 episode of Have I Got News For You, full of jokes about BSB and Margaret Thatcher. 14 years ago, and it seems like a different world.

Then, after yet another terrific episode of Harry Hill’s TV Burp (have I mentioned how terrific this show is? Yes? Good), I flicked through the channels and alighted on Fox Kids Plus 1 who were showing, of all things, Ulysses 31. Hurrah for badly-dubbed early period animé! "Based on Greek legend" was the claim in Cable Guide when TCC showed this back in 1991-ish, as if this was required reading for students doing Classical Civilisation at Oxford.

Great to see it again though, mainly because somewhere in the UK tonight a ten year old boy, weened on Pokémon and Rugrats, will have stumbled across this show and have no idea what is going on.

They edited out the end credits with the catchy theme tune though. Damn them.

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