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13th July 2009

Robert’s been to Hull and back*
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My sister graduated from Hull university today, an event which demanded the presence of the Hampton family in full strength.

Who knew Hull was such a nice place? Coming from Liverpool, I of all people should be more circumspect about prejudging places I’ve never been to. I had this idea that Hull was a dump that smelled of fish, but it was a genuinely pleasant place to wander around. Didn’t really get to see much of it (we arrived late Sunday afternoon and left at 4pm today) and I wish that I had had more time.

Anyway, to cut a long story short: lots of dull speeches in an airless, stuffy hall with legroom-free seating; and — at long last — a member of the Hampton family actually has a degree! Well done Jenny: know that your brother loves you and will be on hand to borrow money.

* Come on, did you really expect me not to?

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