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30th June 2004

And what have we got for tonight?
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I was in the Albert Dock complex this lunchtime, and something was different. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but looking out into the dock basin, it hit me…

Fred’s weather map is gone!!!

I remember when This Morning upped sticks and moved to London, there was a huge campaign in the local press. Not to keep Richard & Judy, oh no, we weren’t bothered about that — they just wanted to keep Fred. After all, what would ITV daytime be without a slightly weird middle-aged man leaping about a giant floating map with models of Tower Bridge and Stonehenge on it, watched by an appreciative crowd of spectators who cheered when Mr Talbot successfully made the hazardous Scotland-to-Ireland jump.

Anyway, the campaign was successful, and Granada announced that when the show went to London, they would have a live OB to Liverpool for Fred to do the weather. Then they quietly dropped it a couple of years later.

I hate ITV.

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