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14th July 2004

When we was fab
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Last night I found the CD-ROM with the entire FABland archive on it. I decided to browse through it for old times sake. Ah, the joys of Ask Rob, News Widget and Sun & Cloud, all of which I believed were the funniest things ever when I wrote them. Now, though, they just seem really bad, like an elaborate 4-year-long in-joke which nobody else gets.

(I also committed the heinous crime of using HTML tables for layout! Unforgivable!)

Anyway, here’s an extract for your pleasure:

But what a year it’s been. In May I dropped out of school, as most regular readers of this page… er, won’t know, because I didn’t mention it. It didn’t seem particularly important at the time. Actually, it doesn’t seem particularly important now, either. School was depressing, anyway. Why the hell do you need to know the chemical formulae of the noble gases? Who cares, apart from scientists with beards? No-one, that’s who. Hey: I’m a school drop-out! That automatically makes me cool and trendy (no matter what the stupid Government try to tell you)! Hurrah!

Anyway, at Christmas, we should all remember the less fortunate members of society: hello Seb! Oh, I joke, of course. Seriously, there was a very strange man wandering around Otterspool promenade a week or so ago, with a strange beard and hat, walking lop-sidedly and singing softly to himself. For some reason, he reminded me of Casey Jones from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons. Although he wasn’t versed in the martial arts — or, if he was, I didn’t put him to the test.

Was I really that much of a prat? (note to potential commenters: observe use of past tense and rhetorical question in that sentence)

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