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23rd July 2004

#include <stdio.h>
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Warning! Incomprehensible computer ravings follow…

I’ve spent the last few days playing about with GCC. Me and C have not got along well in the past (preferring the safe environs of BBC BASIC), but for some reason it’s all clicked into place now, and I’m churning out !RunImage files without screaming at the compiler for throwing up all sorts of nitpicky errors (you need a semicolon at the end of every line?).

Tonight I started messing around with PHP scripts, and successfully wrote a server-side script to download and parse an RSS feed hosted on a remote site. Which sounds really boring, but there’s all sorts of exciting things I can do with that on this site.

There is something oddly compelling about forcing a computer — a device which lesser mortals are intimidated by — to do your bidding. It gave me this intriguing sense of power.

Then WebServe crashed for no apparent reason, and I realised that my power is limited and the RISC OS gods are still in charge of things. Maybe I should pray to them for an IYONIX pc.

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