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13th August 2004

Unprotected Text
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Apparently you can send these things called "text messages" from mobile phones. Not sure I’m going to get into that side of things: I h8 abrvtns.

I also hate admitting that for the first time ever, I am absolutely clueless about something technological in nature. I’m the only person in this house who can set the video recorder, the person who has to alter all the digital clocks when British Summer Time ends, the one who has to clean up all the spyware my sister inadvertently installs on her PC. But now I’m thrust into a strange new world, a frightening place filled with SIM cards, top-up vouchers and WAP browsers. I need someone to hold my hand (figuratively speaking of course, although literally would be nice too).

I’m also terrified of taking my highly-expensive phone out with me. There was a break-in at the gym tonight, someone attacked one of the lockers (fortunately not mine) in the male changing room, broke it open and made off with the contents. The gym is always busy that time of night; you’d think somebody would have noticed the man with a crowbar forcing a door open.

I didn’t have my phone with me anyway, and it would have come in handy as the Hunts Cross line was knackered again tonight. Mum tried to call me to find out why I was late, and was surprised to hear ringing coming from the front room, where I of course, wasn’t able to answer it, being stuck at Moorfields, watching the train for "Garston Mersey" appear and disappear several times from the departure board.

I’m doing a web design course which is, according to the promotional blurb, guaranteed to get me a high-paying job in the IT industry. It’s one of those learn from home deals and will apparently teach me all the skills necessary to become a webmaster extraordinaire (that’s French for extraordinary).

The course is, to quote Aristotle, "a piece of piss" — I already know a fair bit about web design, not that you’d know it from looking at this site. I’ve been progressing nicely and am now onto the second section of the course. Last week the latest course materials dropped through my letterbox: Microsoft FrontPage — possibly the most horrible web design program known to mankind. Ugh. Oh well, it’s something to put on my CV.

I’m actually working on a new design for the site (this one, the one that you’re looking at right now). I know it’s only been a few months since the last redesign, but really, Comic Sans MS? What was I thinking?! I’m going to use Georgia for the new design, it’s much nicer, being a serif font which is easier to read when it’s used for large blocks of text. Oh, and it has a proper italic version too.

I’ll get the new design up and running when my web design computer (the RiscPC) is set up again: I’ve had to store loads of stuff away while the house renovation is going on, and the old Acorn machine was one of the victims.

I may or may not use the headline "Rainy night in Georgia" to announce the new design.

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