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4th September 2004

Adventures in Public Transport, Part XIII
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My train was making good time as we pulled into Brunswick station. Doors open, people get on, doors close. All OK so far.

Then a woman with two young kids in tow dashes away from the ticket window. The guard notices her and generously opens the doors again to let her on. The two kids get on. The woman is about to follow them when she notices something amiss with her ticket, and goes back to the ticket window to query it, leaving her kids on board the train!

So a 6-car train full of Saturday shoppers is just sitting there while this woman argues with the poor ticket clerk. The guard can’t close the doors and "ding-ding" the train away, because the two toddlers are still on the train.

When she eventually got on board, she blocked the aisle with the baby’s pram. Silly cow.

Then, coming home I nearly missed my train because I was stuck at Central station ticket barrier, behind some witless woman who was ferreting around in her bag for her senior citizen’s pass. The barrier is always there, so most normal people plan accordingly and have their ticket ready to show. You do not wait until you get to the barrier to look for it, holding up a queue of other people in the process. Senile old bat.

You know, I think I’ve just realised: I’m not a people person.

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