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9th May 2003

Blogged off
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From The Register comes this story:

Recent research by Pew put the number of blog readers as opposed to writers, as “statistically insignificant”

Wow, really? I’d never have guessed that, what with the endless stream of “Comments (0)” I’ve got on this site.

The main thrust of the above report is that Google will soon filter out weblogs from its search results, which will no doubt please the person who searched for information about the medical condition “prolapsed rectum” and found this instead.

Yes, I note these things in my stats.

One Response
  1. Comment by Seb
    11th May 2003 at 2:03 pm

    I read your blog.

    I just, generally, can’t be bothered commenting on it.

    But here. Have a comment. It’s on me.