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31st October 2004

Allow me to vent
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How did everybody in the IT industry fall asleep and permit Microsoft to become the dominant power in the computer world?

Ludicrous security holes, an e-mail client which cheerfully executes random code, a default browser which will unquestioningly attempt to install “precision time and date manager” without warning you that it is spyware which will pop up hundreds of ads for porn sites per second. And that’s just the beginning.

What about the manual that is paper thin and doesn’t even begin to cover the basics of using the damn thing, so that anyone who isn’t already computer-literate will have to trek down to WHSmith to buy a 500-page “Windows for Dummies” book just to have the faintest hope of knowing what the hell is going on.

Sorry for ranting, but I spent most of last night and a sizeable chunk of this morning cleaning up various viruses, spyware and other bits of nastiness from my sisters PC and reinstalling the antivirus software because it had been corrupted by a previous failure. I thought it would be a five minute job. More like five hours. I dread to think what it’s like in homes where there’s no computer-aware person to fix these problems.

Never again will I let a Windows machine cross my door. From now on it’s Apple or Acorn all the way. I don’t care if they cost three times as much — the maxim, “you get what you pay for” springs to mind.

Where do I want to go today? All over Bill Gates, that’s where.

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