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25th March 2005

Creamy Muck Muck
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Creamguide highlights a programme which Seb should be very interested in:-



19.00 Lashings of Fun: the Story of Ask The Family

Dick and Dom's first outing into primetime is enjoying almost Who
levels of hype, and rightly so. It should all get under way next
week, and although it looks to be completely different to the
original, this documentary is going to reminisce just for the hell
of it. Bizarrely, the final 25 minutes of the programme are devoted
to an episode from 1983 shown in its entirity! Repeats of twenty
year old quizzes on peak time BBC2! Of course, this absolutely
demands to be watched, especially as it's seemingly not going to
mention the Titchmarsh version from 1999.

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