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7th July 2005

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All of a sudden there was a loud bang and a flash of bright light. It threw me to the floor in the middle of the train.

At first some people thought it wasn’t serious, perhaps just a minor derailment, although some people were screaming.

Scared? I’m terrified.

Tonight I was on the evening rush hour train out of Liverpool Central towards Hunts Cross. It’s a busy train and is always standing room only. As we barrelled through the tunnel towards Brunswick, I realised that if someone on board was to detonate a bomb, there would be carnage, and escaping from the tunnel would be difficult.

Which may be why there were several police officers patrolling Liverpool Central station tonight, and more standing on the platform at Brunswick.

Suicide bombers change the rules. How do you protect yourself against someone who is prepared to strap explosives to themselves and blow themselves up? What can you do to deter someone like that?

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