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22nd August 2005

I read the Sunday Mirror so you don’t have to
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The Sunday Mirror is not exactly the most edifying publication to read at the best of times. Buried underneath all the articles about Big Brother (sorry – “Big Bruv” *shudder*) you can find Carole Malone, possibly the most useless, trivial columnist in the history of tabloid newspapers – and in a world which contains Richard Littlejohn, that’s quite a feat.

Here’s an extract from last Sunday’s column:-

ASK yourselves this. Would you rather have Ian Blair as Metropolitan Police Commissioner or a Cherie Blair clone?

I’m no fan of the Met boss, but a loony liberal Cherie clone is what we’ll get if he’s sacked over the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes.

Paul Merton used to have a great bit in his standup routine about arguments like this. It went something like this: “if you say to someone that we should abolish the monarchy, they’ll say something like: ‘oh, what should we do instead – bring back Hitler?’ Imagine if every argument was like that. ‘Do you want steak and chips for dinner?’ ‘No thanks’ ‘Oh, I suppose you’d like a lump of dog shit instead, would you?’.”

In other words, just because you think shooting innocent people is bad, doesn’t necessary mean you’re in favour of the exact opposite; it’s a simplistic, illogical argument.

Mind you, this is a woman who said that the shooting was Jean Charles de Menezes’s own fault for not being in Brazil “where he belongs”.

It’s about right for the level of intellect found in a red-top tabloid, but I hope no-one who reads this nonsense is under the impression that they’re getting proper, well-thought-out debate.

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